What’s The Matter With Energy: A story of space, time, matter, energy, and energy conversion

  • How Energy Can Create Matter | Six Billion Dollar Experiment | BBC Studios
  • The Real Meaning of E=mc²
  • What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction: Matter and Measurement
  • How Are Energy And Matter The Same?
  • The Origin of Matter and Time | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios
  • Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 - How to Make a Matter Overdrive Fusion Reactor
  • When Conservation of Energy FAILS! (Noether's Theorem)
  • Sky Factory 4 Matter Overdrive Fusion Reactor
  • Is energy always conserved?
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Among the issues the world faces today, I take into consideration the three E's: Energy, Environment, and Education to be my objective to resolve. This book is my response to these problems. I evaluate as long as I can the nature of power. I focus on developments given that classical times to collect, shop, convert, and make use of power. Most of the innovations explained are mine, put in the context of a proposed paradigm change that I call personal energy.

Personal energy focuses on human demands in 6 areas: water, electricity, setting, food, details, as well as transport. We ought to live comfortable, yet lasting. My goal is to reverse the Thomas Edison centralized version of power generation as well as distribution, to be changed by regional collection, storage space, conversion, and also use power. The energy resource need to be primarily sustainable, assisted by nonrenewable fuel source as a backup energy supply. We can not keep trashing up the planet.

I inform the story from the viewpoint of researchers and engineers. I focus on their purposes. Scientific research comes from a love of nature. Engineering originates from a love of humanity to resolve their everyday troubles.

I composed this publication for our young people. They are our ideal want to improve our globe in the 3 E's. I want them to learn for 5 factors: interest concerning the world, enjoyable of discovering, faith in their capacity to factor as well as create, love of humanity by aiding people with innovation, and also a pursuit of the infinity as well as beyond.

This publication contains tales of well-known scientists and also engineers. Their suggestions are clarified in easy English. Each topic is outlined on 2 pages in full sight. Each subject has a simple equation such as F= Ma, made easy to comprehend with a numerical instance. I use a lot of large vivid photos.


1- ENERGY MATTER: What is Matter, State of the Matter, Space and Time, Force of the Matter, What is Energy?, Force Field, Matter in Spacetime, Matter is Energy, Conservation of Energy, Energy as well as Climate Crises, Conversion of Energy

2- FIVE KINDS OF ENERGY: Origin of Forces, Gravity Force, Gravitational Energy, Electric Force, Gravitational Energy, Electric Force, Electric Energy, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Induction, Weak Force, Solar Energy, Strong Force, Nuclear Energy

3- FIVE KINDS OF ENERGY: Momentum, Energy-Momentum, Electricity, Electric Circuits, Temperature, Heat Energy, Chemical Bond, Chemical Reaction, Light Waves, Photonic Energy, Energy Engineering

4- MOTION WONDERLAND: Locomotion, Pendulum Motion, Spinning Motion, Catapult Motion, Rocket Motion, Hydraulic Motion, Liquid Motion, Water Turbine, Water Pump, Spiral Gas Flow, Fluid Dynamics, Wind Turbine, Tesla Turbine, Hui Turbine, Sound Motion

5- ELECTRIC WONDERLAND: DC Motor, A/C Motor, Monarch Disk Motor, Solar Man Maglev, Magnetic Rail Gun, Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics, Ion Thruster, Ohm's Law, Electric Heat, Sound, and Light, Semi-Conductor, Electro-Chemical, Electro-Dialysis, Monarch Tubeworm

6- OPTICS WONDERLAND: Light to the World, Black Body Radiation, Photosynthesis, Optical Fiber, Laser, Optical Telescope, Solar Man Grill and Ellipse, Solar Power, Silicon Solar Cells, Multi-Junction Solar Cells, Thin Film Solar Cells, Lotus Awning, Lotus Mobile, Lotus Butterfly

7- CHEMICAL WONDERLAND: Genesis of Elements, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrocarbon, Nitrogen, Fuel cells, Galvanic, Acid, Alkaline, and also Lithium Batteries, Flash Distillation, Forward Osmosis.

8- HEAT WONDERLAND: Thermodynamics, Heat Engine, Heat Pump, Gas Expansion, Working Fluid, Stirling Engine, Steam Engine, Internal Combustion Engine, Gas Turbine, Hui Heat Engine, Chilling by Absorption, Ammonia, or Carbon Dioxide, Monarch Firefly, What is Entropy?