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A Solution to the Energy Crisis… Telco Power
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Reduce or completely eliminate your high cost for electricity.
Free electricity from the phone jack in your home, apartment or high rise condo even a mobile home or business.
Best yet, Telco power is compact and portable and works on any phone jack World wide. Telco Power provides clean environmentally safe free electricity all from the phone jack in your living quarter.
Telco Power convert the 48 Volts Direct Current from the modular jacks in your home or office to a voltage that can be used to power the items you need to get on with your life, even if there's no power from the electric company.
The Phone Company always has a steady source of DC power available. Huge banks of storage batteries backed up by generators, supplying from 23 to 80 mille amperes of power on every phone line… for you to use whenever you want!
Free electricity to power your radio, flat screen TV, desk top, laptop computers, any small appliance, recharge batteries, operate fans even small watt heaters on those cold nights. Save thousands of dollars on your electric bill with Telco Power.
Telco Power is the creation William B. Whales an Electronic Engineer and master gadget maker and inventor. The late Mr. Whales shares with you one of his most humanitarian inventions. Free electricity for the common man. In these tuff economic times everyone needs help just getting by month to month.
William B. Whales shares with you one of his greatest inventions. You will learn to make your own free electricity from the service you already are paying for, your land line telephone jack. You will become empowered with this information, you become free with this classified knowledge.
Imagine what you could do with the money saved using Telco Power.
William B. Whales is gone now but his invention and memory will live on by helping other lives.
Get your Kindle copy of Telco Power today, and empower yourself with this knowledge and pass it on to friends and family. They will thank you for it. You will change their lives the way William B. Whales wanted it to be.